Christina Scheppmann Thomas About

Midwest-born and raised artist, designer, and illustrator, Christina Scheppmann Thomas, works out of her studio at Var Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She splashes and scrapes bold color combinations into joy-filled abstract and botanical paintings. Christina freely moves a brush across a surface as if she is dancing (and sometimes she is.) Her playful watercolor-based illustrations are used to create product designs that carry whimsy into the world of function. 

Christina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a Master’s degree in Business Management both from The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Outside of her studio practice, Christina freelances as a social media manager, designer, and consultant for other artists and creative businesses. Her mission in this work is to help creative-minded entrepreneurs understand how to promote and market themselves in meaningful and impactful ways.

Christina Scheppmann Thomas
Persika Design Co.

Current Resident Artist at Var Gallery

Know who you love, know what you love to do, and live in those truths with humility & vulnerability.
— Maira Kalman