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My Story

Hi there, I'm Christina! The one-lady-show behind Persika Design Co.

I am an artist, designer, & illustrator. I have my Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and my Master's degree in Business, both from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I love to dip my hands (& paint brushes) in anything colorful & creative. I make my paintings & design my products all from my studio in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, usually while listening to Belle & Sebastian or watching the Office on repeat.

My work focuses on celebrating the little joys found in life & nature, such as the silhouette of a flower or the layers of ice on Lake Michigan. I often take larger works of art & re-create them as products like greeting cards or calendars. I love to re-imagine the lofty world of "fine art" in a way that brings it home & allows everyone the opportunity to start a collection & support an artist in the form of an everyday kind of product or gift. 

Persika Design Co.'s mission is to help people connect, feel grateful, & fall in love with the magic of the seemingly mundane.

- Christina Scheppmann Thomas, Persika Design Co. LLC

Know who you love, know what you love to do, and live in those truths with humility & vulnerability.
— Maira Kalman