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wauwatosa mural - christina scheppmann thomas - persika design co
Christina Scheppmann Thomas painting Persika Design Co
Christina Scheppmann Thomas painting Persika Design Co

commission original artworks

Each painting I create is unique to my own personal style & self-taught techniques, however sometimes I create a piece with a special person or place in mind: YOU! That’s where commissions come in.

I hope if you find yourself on this page, you’re already familiar with my artwork. If you’re not, you can familiarize yourself HERE. Maybe you’ve been keeping an eye out for an original painting during collection releases & you can’t seem to find that perfect piece or maybe you have specific space in mind or maybe you would like the subject of the artwork to represent something very meaningful or personal to you or the person you’re gifting it to.

I am always beyond excited to get a new commission! Every single request always makes my day! If the above sounds like you & you’re looking to commission a painting, then continue on…


The first step is just to fill out the form to the right. This will help me get an understanding of what you’re looking for & give me the basics I need to provide you with a quote.

After I respond to your form submission, you can send me additional inspiration photos, photos of the space you intend to display your painting or any subject reference you’d like me to paint from.

Email me at for questions or if you just can’t wait to send those pics!


Once I receive your inquiry, we will continue the discussion via email or we can set up a time to chat on the phone or in-person. I will also send you my current pricing information for the painting you’re commissioning based on the details you’re providing.

In some cases, you might be asked to put a 50% deposit down to help solidify your spot in my commission calendar & pay for supplies. Once the painting is completed, you will be expected to pay in full upon delivery.

I am currently booking commissions 1-2 months in advance. If you have a specific date in mind that you’d like to receive your new painting, whether it be as a gift or for a party, please keep in mind that I am following a commissions calendar based on when requests come in. Use this information to plan ahead! :)

Name *
Choose your preference for the size of the art piece you would like to commission. This will help determine the price.
Include color palette, style, subject matter, where it will be displayed, or if you have a preference between paper, canvas, or birchwood panel.